Putrid Pin-Ups

Ghastly Girls & Those Who Love Them

Femme Fatalities
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***This community is 18+***

Zombies and Vamps and Ghosts, Oh My!

Due to the age limit on this community, you will not be able to post or comment until you have been approved.

What we want to see:
Pin-up style photos of you in your gorey best. Get zombified, vamped out, witchy, ghastly or ghostly, grab your camera and have fun! Make it glamourous or campy and fun - we love it all!

Pin-up photographers are also welcome (and encouraged) to post their work!

Photoshopped pics are ok, if they're well done, but we'd really love to see pictures with actual makeup and props!

Some tasteful nudity is ok, but please don't go overboard! We're here for the sexy camp, not "teh pr0n".

Once you are approved, please make an introductory post - we'd like to know who you are!

Now for the Rules:

1. First and foremost - this community is a DRAMA FREE ZONE!!
This is NOT a rating community - constructive critisism is appreciated, but outright bitchiness or catty behavior will result in you being banned IMMEDIATELY.

2. All picture posts MUST be behind an lj-cut. If you do not know how to do an lj-cut, go here.

3. Feel free to post about books, movies, music, tv-shows, your own artwork, websites etc. as long as they are zombie/vampire/ghost/supernatural/horror related. In other words - keep it on topic!

4. All posts will be "mod-approved for your protection". We are doing this to eliminate auction whoring, excessive community pimping and especially trolls BEFORE they become a problem. Thank you for your understanding ;)